Cobra 230 M.E. Concept

Debut: Chicago Auto Show, 19876


The purpose of the Cobra 230 M.E. concept was to explorer a styling theme for the upcoming mid-engine sportscar code-named GN34. It may or may not have represented the final styling of the GN34, which wasn't scheduled to go into production until at least 1989 anyway. But it does show Ford's thinking.

The Cobra 230 M.E. has a 2.5 liter double overhead cam turbocharged and intercooled 4 cylinder engine, producing 230 HP and 275 torque. Peak HP was at 6000 ROM, and torque at 4000 RPM.

The car is 13.5 feet long, 70 inches wide, and 47 inches high. The windshield is set at a 65-degree angle.

Could this be the 1987 Mustang SVO engine that was leftover when the SVO was cancelled?

As shown in this AutoWeek article, Ford had a plan in place for two different sportscars.