Codename: GN34

Status: Production Cancelled

The GN34 was a codename for a production sportscar at Ford. Production prototypes were built and refined, but in the end production costs were too high to proceed and the project was cancelled.


The first mules built used an EXP body - but purely for convenience because the general dimensions could be made to work and the mule gave no hint of the final styling.

This is a spy picture was published by AutoWeek, which as usual was closely following the development of the car.

The second set of prototypes were much less crude, with styling generally approaching the final car - but not yet final. They were built from a hodgepodge of existing (Pantera windshield) and custom parts.

The black car is what we believe we saw in Dearborn on a business trip at the time. These two prototypes are housed in the private museum of Jack Roush at the present time. The SHO engines have been removed, and replaced by simple 351W engines.

At the time these were produced, AutoWeek published article summarizing everything they had on the car.


Here's a clue as to what the final styling may have been for the GN34 project: the Cobra 230 ME concept.

The Cobra 230 ME appeared in the February 1986 Chicago Auto Show.

See the Cobra 230 ME page of this section for more information.