This page is a compendium of all Ford-oriented videos available on this site.

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Windows Media Player 9 SeriesAll videos are Windows Media Player compliant except where otherwise noted. I stay away from the proprietary QuickTime format wherever possible (bad formats, postage stamp sized video, and virus-like recurring install behavior). I also prefer to stay away from oddball codecs... although DivX may be required for some of these.

2008 Mustang Bullitt  (New!)

Ford Sync   (New!)

Ford "Driving American Innovation"

  • National ad campaign with broadcast, print and Internet components to launch Oct. 20 2005
  • Chairman and CEO Bill Ford featured
  • First major corporate campaign since 2001
  • Commercial_01.mpeg
  • Commercial_02.mpeg

Ford GT

The following Ford GT videos were made by Ford to highlight the features and desirability of the new GT. The introduction video was made in 2003, the others were first shown in the Super Bowl pre-game show in January 2004.

Short videos, each covering a different aspect of the GT performance and feature set (2004):

89 11121314

Misc. Videos including Ford GT


Ford Wild Horse Project


Ford Performance

  • Performance Trilogy This is a 2004 Ford video prepared for release on an as-of-yet unspecified date.

Ye Olde Mustang

Ford 2005+ Mustang

Ford Thunderbird

Lincoln LS   (New!)

Ford of Australia FPV