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Ford’s T-Drive Engine Concept: The Forgotten Experiment

Uncover the legacy of Ford’s T-Drive, the groundbreaking ’80s engine configuration that promised enhanced performance and efficiency by unifying engine and transmission design, a testament to the visionary yet challenging advancements in the automotive industry.

Featured Image - 2015 Mustang IRS Observations

2015 Mustang IRS Observations

Explore the crucial shift to an Independent Rear Suspension in the 2015 Mustang with our detailed article. Uncover the IRS’s impact on handling, learn about its specifications, and delve into the mechanical nuances that enhanced the Mustang’s performance. Perfect for car enthusiasts seeking a deep dive into this pivotal update in automotive engineering.

Featured Image - Introducing the Windstar Solutions Concept for Soccer Moms

Ford’s Windstar Concept Car For Soccer Moms

Delve into the game-changing Windstar Solutions Concept from Ford, featuring a built-in laundry system specifically designed for active families and soccer moms. Learn how this revolutionary minivan combines practicality, safety, and eco-friendliness, redefining the family on-the-go experience.

Featured Image - A Ford Mustang IRS Mystery Revealed

The Suspension Debate Unfolds: A Ford Mustang IRS Mystery Revealed

During a research trip to Detroit, we unearthed a discarded independent rear suspension (IRS) unit, clearly marked for a special 2005 Ford Mustang project that was abandoned. Confirmation from Ford insiders revealed it was a cost-prohibitive venture aimed at competing with European sports coupes. This discovery reignites the debate over the Mustang’s suspension technology and its alignment with performance and tradition.

Featured Image - Ford Himalaya concept art

Ford’s conceptual wonders – the majestic Himalaya

Discover Ford Motor Company’s cutting-edge concept vehicles like the iconic Himalaya, showcasing the future of innovation in design and technology. Explore how these prototypes influence the automotive industry and embody sustainability and advanced features.

Featured Image - Ford Winstar SHOstar concept art

The Windstar SHOstar – Ford’s Performance Minivan That Never Was

Unearth a nearly forgotten gem from Ford’s conceptual archives with the Windstar SHOstar—a minivan tinged with sports car aspiration. In this feature, we dive into the SHOstar’s allure, from its aggressive styling and leather-clad cockpit to the 3.0-liter performance heart that beats beneath its hood. Join us as we revisit the audacious fusion of family functionality with high-octane dreams, a vehicle that tantalized enthusiasts with the question: What if? Discover the full story of the SHOstar at


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